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January 1, 2013 / oboeamy

To do in 2013: DO!

ImageRecently I was having a conversation with one of my good friends and professional colleague (note: We also walk together, which is a wonderful way to mix business, aesthetics, personal ranting, and exercise together at once!) about music, a common topic on our walks.  We were noting our concern on a joint project we are working on which consists of creating 600 questions about music for an educational website.  All the questions are true/false or multiple choice.  I guess the kids who will go on this website might learn something about music, and that’s a good thing.

But both of us agree on this: the most effective way to learn about music is to DO music.  And answering a question about whether the flute is a member of the string or woodwind family is not DOING music. It is something that increases your understanding about music, but what does it matter if you don’t have a chance to blow on a flute, or sing in a choir so that you actually experience music?

Looking back at our lives in music, both of us validate our assumption.  I started singing in the choir at five or six and began recorder in early grade school, then flute, then oboe, then three degrees in music and a career where my focus is on ensuring that everyone is encouraged and welcomed to make music.

Adults – yes you can!  We have lots of new beginners who are mature adults and finally have the opportunity to experience the joy and satisfaction of music making.  Just as I took the risk of beginning ballet this year, I have seen countless beginners of all ages transform through the experience of DOING the arts.

So make this part of your 2013 resolution:  try something in music, dance, theater or art.  It’s the actual experience of DOING the arts that helps us appreciate, respect, support and love the arts which is a lifechanger.

Happy New Year!






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  1. Sheryl Pockrose / Jan 2 2013 12:58 am

    I also started quite young, choir and recorder playing in elementary school. I am looking forward to the NEW experience of playing piano with others in the chamber music workshop in March — hopefully a new adventure for some other adults.

  2. Anne Cushing-Reid / Feb 12 2013 8:40 pm

    Well said. I think it’s important to empower people of all ages to experience the joy of producing art. In our case, music, the sheer joy of being in an ensemble of like-minded folk who are all working to achieve the same goal – something beautiful – is unlike anything else. This experience – in choir, in band, in orchestra – is what made me fall in love with music. This is what will make others fall in love, too.

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